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Band Submissions

By submitting material you authorize Dreamscape Radio and its representatives the right to broadcast your material without compensation. 

You also authorize Dreamscape Radio the right to copy your material for the sole purpose of broadcasting by Dreamscape Radio.

All rights given to Dreamscape Radio and its representatives is for the production of Dreamscape Radio broadcasts only and your material is not shared with any other broadcasts without prior permission from you.

Dreamscape Radio does not receive compensation for our broadcast from advertisers. 

Any monies collected from our broadcasts are for production of radio commercials only, not the broadcasting of such commercials. 

You always retain all rights to your material.

Dreamscape Radio reserves all broadcast rights and also reserves the right to publish your name on our playlist files and to copy album covers you provide and also reserves the right to publish your name in relationship to your submitted music.

Please send your music along with permission to play it to Dreamscape Radio. (make sure in the permission portion that you address it that Dreamscape Radio has permission to play your music, not one specific person at the station as that will slow the process in getting your music on the playlist).

Dreamscape Radio reserves the right to play your music on its afilliate stations listed below: Your music may be played on one or more of said stations according to genre.

Dreamscape Radio, Domination Radio, Hair Metal Radio, Brutal Metal Radio, Psycho-Radio, Rampage-Radio, and Obsidian Echoes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the station owners.

You can submit your music to Dreamscape Radio via the station email : dreamscaperadio at live dot com.

The mp3's should be sent in the following format (if applicable): 
Artist - (Year) Album - Track Number - Track Name.mp3

Mp3 info tags should be ID3v2 compatible.

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